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WM Black Boy School by kind permission of Wilf Merrett
What: Historical building c1844
Where: Castle Street
Then: This former National School took its name from the only known Jack Clock in Stroud; a clock with a black figure which turned to strike a bell on the hour
Now: The clock was been restored and the school, which closed in 1964, became a Teacher's Centre. It is now flats

The former National School in Castle Street, which opened in 1844 and closed in 1964, takes its name from the only known jack clock in Gloucestershire. The clock is older than the school, having been moved here from a watchmaker's shop in the High Street. P.H. Fisher remembered it being there in his childhood in the 1790s, but its date is unknown.

The black figure, or jack, is about two feet high, was described by Fisher as "turning his head, lifting his club, and striking the hours of day and night as they came round". It started out as an advert for tobacco

The Black Boy building is now flats

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