Kimmins Mill Dudbridge House Sainsbury's Dudbridge Mill/Apperly Curtis/Redlers Site of Hawker's Dyeworks
GRO Kimmins Mill 2003 IMG 2621
What: Originally known as Dudbridge Flour Mills
Where: Next to Sainsbury's car park
Then: Built in 1849, it finally ceased flour milling in 1935 and then had a variety of uses, including the storage of textile machinery
Now: The home of Stroud Mills Heritage centre, with a national collection of books and information about the construction industry, and historic information about the Stroud area

Kimmins Mill was built in 1849 and was then known as Dudbridge Flour Mills. By 1873, it was owned by Samuel Marling, and operated in conjunction with the Sims family of Frigg's Mill. It later passed to Kimmins, Drew & Co., who continued milling until the late 1920s.

It ceased milling in 1935 and since then has had a variety of uses, including the storage of historic textile machinery. In 1996, it was purchased as part of new Sainsbury's supermarket site and refurbished. It is now the home of the Stroud Mills Heritage Centre, and houses a national collection of books and ephemera relating to the construction industry, together with historic information on industries in the Stroud area.

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