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CM 3177 Stroud Brewery Offices - copyright unknown
What: Historic building
Where: The junction of Merrywalks and Cainscross Road.
Then: Founded in the 18th Century, Stroud Brewery ran for nearly two centuries. In 1888, it became a Limited business and built offices which are still remembered by many locals, especially the tall chimney which sounded out a blast at the start and end of each day. After a merger with Cheltenham Brewery and a takeover by Whitbred, they ceased production in 1967

In 1991, the buildings were demolished and replaced with the new Headquarters of Stroud and Swindon. Following the merger with The Coventry Building Society in 2010, Ecotricity moved here in 2012.

The only surviving brewery building is a malting house in Merrywalks, which was Splash nightclub in 2003, and in 2016 is Ciao Eatalia.

Stroud Brewery was established at the end of the 18th century by Peter Leversage of Middle Lypiatt. He was later joined in the business by Joseph Grazebrook and Henry Burgh.

Joseph Watts of Stratford Park owned and ran the brewery for 36 years from 1819, and left it to his grandson, Joseph Watts Hallewell. He formed a partnership which traded as Watts Hallewell, Biddell and Stanton, and it became one of the largest breweries in the county.

In 1888, the firm became a limited company, and the firm's offices were built the following year at the junction of Merrywalks and Cainscross Road. Most of the other small breweries around Stroud were absorbed into Stroud Brewery, and it also bought up or built a large number of tied pubs in the Stroud area.

After merger with Cheltenham Brewery the firm was taken over by Whitbreads in 1962. They ceased production at Stroud Brewery in 1967.

In 1990-91, the brewery buildings were demolished and replaced by the head office of the Stroud and Swindon Building Society. Designed by Richard Ladenburgh of Cirencester, the new building is built of brick and stone in a post-Modern style, with towers flanking a small entrance courtyard. This is now Ecotricity's Lion House.

The only brewery building left is a malting house in Merrywalks which was Splash nightclub in 2003, and in 2016 is Ciao Eatalia.

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