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What: Historic building and site
Where: Frome Hall Lane
Then: First recorded in 1608, the mill was linked to cloth production
Now: The mill owner's house still stands and is privately owned

Fromehall Mill is recorded from 1608 and belonged to the Halliday family throughout the 17th century. It changed hands frequently in the 18th and early 19th centuries, being worked at different times by the Marlings and the Apperlys. In 1846, it was bought by William Hunt and thereafter it was worked with Lodgemore Mill.

The large mill pond is immediately west of Lodgemore Mill. The four-storey main building, built of stone and eight bays long, was built c.1853. Part of the 18th century mill survives as a four-storey wing at the rear. A late 19th century addition is probably the Yarn Store of 1898 by W.H.C. Fisher.

The mill owner's house, Frome Hall, which stands above the site, is 17th century in origin, but was refitted and improved in the mid 18th century. A generation later, a new west block was built containing an entrance hall and the main reception rooms.

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