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SH All Saints Centre by kind permission of Sue Harrsion
What: Historical building
Where: On Springfield Road
Then: This opened in 1872, 1st January as the Stroud-end Mixed Boys School, with 16 pupils. When the new school was built in 1899, it became the Uplands Sunday School
Now: In 1990, it became an old people's Day Care Centre and is now used by Uplands Care Service

All Saints Centre was built as the Stroud-end Mixed Boys School. When it opened on 1 January 1872, sixteen pupils were enrolled. It was enlarged to the designs of J.P. Moore in 1880, but was still not large enough to serve the growing population of the area.

In 1899, a new school was built, and the old building became the Uplands Sunday School and was also used as a community centre. Between 1943 and 1988, the school again made use of it for P.E. lessons and as the school canteen.

In 1990, it became an Old People's Day Centre, and after extensive building work it is now run by the Uplands Care Service and used for other community functions.

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