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What: Historical School Building
Where: Slad Road
Then: Built in 1840 and paid for by public subscription, the school existed to provide education for the non-conformist population
Now: Open House and the Star Anise Cafe

The British School was built by Charles Baker in 1840, and was paid for by subscription. It was affiliated to the British & Foreign Schools Society, which existed to provide education for the non-conformist population. It worked in competition with the Church of England National Schools Society.

The school closed in 1905 and then the following year became the home of the Girls Central School. In 1926, it became the Badbrook Domestic Subjects Centre and continued until 1951. In 1974, it was compulsorily purchased by the County Council as part of Stroud's Inner Ring Road scheme which was never built. In 1982, a new trust called Badbrook Educational Trust was established and a grant was awarded to Shire Training Workshops who purchased and used the building.

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